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Hello dear customer! Pay attention to:

  • You can’t buy more bags than laptops quantity;
  • You can buy a Zalman mouse only with Asus Z150 or Lenovo X120 laptop;
  • You can buy a Razer mouse on with Toshiba V40 and Bag B-1;
  • To buy Lenovo X120 you must be logged in;
  • If you are logged in, your earlier orders will be taken into account;
  • Wipes minimum quantity to buy is 5;
  • You can’t buy less than 2 cover cases per order;
  • You need to be logged in to buy a VPN service and pay at least 12 months of use for each. If you order less than 12 months, then the left paid quantity will be available for you for free in the next orders.

You can log in as a customer with test : test credentials to check the plugin’s work better.

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Showing all 14 results